Orthodontic Treatments

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Orthodontic Treatments With Clear Aligners

Today, it’s Not Enough to Simply Restore Teeth.

Losing a tooth means the loss of function for two teeth, the one that was lost and the one it chewed with, that forces the other teeth to work harder, to make up for the work not being done by the ones that have no contact. You will find that these overworked teeth are the ones that decay, hurt, wear unevenly or even break most of the time.

An uneven bite also allows the jaws to slowly shift their normal, functional position, resulting in jaw pain (TMJ). Orthodontic treatment is the only way to correct this and we now have an alternative to conventional braces called Clear aligner therapy, commonly known as Invisalign or Suresmile, by creating a series of clear plastic “aligners” that fit over your teeth aligning a small amount and is worn for 1-2 weeks.

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